“World War II Erupts!” Looking back 70 years

"Atlas of The Holocaust" by Martin Gilbert, Map 26.

"Atlas of The Holocaust" by Martin Gilbert, Map 26.

It was 70 years ago today that Nazi Germany invaded Poland, spelling doom for millions of Polish Jews and those expelled from Germany.

While Nazi terror persisted for several years prior, including the widespread persecution and murder of Jews, September 1, 1939, marked the day Hitler’s troops advanced on Polish soil. This act of war followed the armed occupation of Austria and parts of Czechoslovakia. It was the beginning of a ruthless campaign to rid Eastern Europe of “the Jewish problem.”

Never Again! wishes to pause and reflect on the millions of Jews who were terrorized, systematically exterminated and tortured during this bloody campaign.

For a great map that estimates the number of Jews killed by country, see my very first entry on this blog.

Below the Chicago Tribune image are a few of the articles from various media:

Headline of Chicago Daily Tribune

Headline of 1 Sep 1939 Chicago Daily Tribune

Personal account of Polish Jew (Annapolis Capital)

Poland’s Jews commemorate WWII (EJ Press)

Yad Vashem marks 70th Anniv. of WWII (EJ Press)

NY Times Op-Ed, “When Thief Stole From Thief”

Poland Remembers WWII (NY Times)

Poland marks WWII anniversary (ABC News)

Remembering those who fought and died in WWII (Las Vegas Sun)

WWII ceremonies begin in Poland (BBC)

TIMELINE-The road to WWII (Reuters)

Pro-Jewish blog in France

What started the war? (Arts & History Blog)


4 Responses to ““World War II Erupts!” Looking back 70 years”

  1. thank you for sharing this…what a tragedy it was…shalom!

  2. ucgmikebennett Says:

    Thanks for your comments on my site, and for your site to remind us all to never forget…

  3. Sure, you may use them! I have a lot of other photos too, if you need any others 🙂 The Holocaust is still such a conflicted history in Lithuania (I’ve written a little about it here: http://ramblingbrooke.com/?p=410).

    I look forward to reading your entries.

  4. The 2 page newspaper by the Chicago Trib, includes pictures of Hitler and his look-a-like, his officers and the two pages includes the movement into Poland, the begining of WWII, I would like to know how to preserve the pages, they are 72+ years old, they were in print in 1939.

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