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  1. Mary Lee Warren Says:

    I have studied the holocaust for years and will watch this blog with interest.

    I was born and grew up in Princeton and lived there until 1963.


  2. thanks mary!!! and cheers on your upcoming retirement!

  3. Dear Chris,

    Broo-CHIM HaBayeem, (Blessing [upon those that] have arrived. [Hebrew:This phrase is is sung during a Breet MeeLa (the Covenant (Breet) of the flesh MeeLa) or religious circumcision, as the infant is brought forward to perform his first Mitz-vah, or statute.

    My name is Ari Blumenfeld. I am 51 years old and a Child of the Holocaust; the son of Holocaust survivors on both sides. Your father liberated what was left of my family. Thank you and may God bless all of your ancestors and family.

    I have been a member of Remember_the_Holocaust for five years. In fact, if you go to the Holocaust website and enter “Ari Blumenfeld” you will see me every where.

    My Mom is Jewish-Polish from the city of Zamosch (pronounced Zaa-Moosh). My Dad is from Botahshon, Romania, I am from Israel, and we all live in South Florida.

    Remember_the_Holocaust is an amazing website. There are literally thousands of posts, Holocaust research websites, and web resources. I do not recall any debates or conversations going on over there. Freddie posts Holocaust related information there and the members either comment to the post or simply read the post without comments.

    Although I am a regular contributor to Fred (Freddie LeJune) Kahn’s Holocaust site, I find I must browse in small doses or risk a depressive episode.

    Another website that you might want to visit is moderated by a good friend of Freddie’s is The moderator is Dr. Bob Solomon. This site takes the form of a “tea-table” discussion where the Jewish, or Jewish, related news of the day is discussed, argued (sometimes loudly) and friendships are created. If asked, tell them that Ari Blumenfeld sent you.

    I have studied the Hebrew Bible in four languages, Hebrew, Aramaic, Yiddish and English, so I know quiet a bit about that, and I love a question, any question.

    With the economy as it is, I have been a full time student at DeVry University for the last six months studying Electrical Engineering.

    In my spare time, I am involved in the “Second Generation Holocaust Survivor (2G)” community. I have read a huge amount of Holocaust information including Ian Kershaw’s 2 volume biography of Hitler, G. Martin Gilbert’s “Nuremburg Diaries”, and biographies of Himmler and the rest of the high-command.

    I am currently compiling a Reference List of Holocaust motion pictures that can be used to cite movies about the Holocaust, with an abstract, a summary, comments on the film quality and accuracy. I intend this list to be a research tool to allow the writer to cite his sources. I should have a rough draft in a month or two and would be happy to post it here.

    If you wish to discuss the various aspects of the Holocaust, the Bible (I do not know much about Christianity) or topical issues of the day, feel free to email me at ARIDGREAT149@YAHOO.COM.

    As to Freddie, I prefer getting daily emails because they allow me to comment on the specific work presented. Regarding Dr. Bob Solomon and, I also prefer getting daily emails because a great deal of material is topical and requires an immediate response.

    When you post to Remember_the_Holocaust, and/or JOINInt, your post gets sent to every subscriber on the list, which is how I found you.

    I am going to spend some time browsing your website. It looks great! Mazel Tov (good luck).

    Sincerely yours,

    /Ari Blumenfeld

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