Hitler’s War Against International Jewry

1941 Europe Map

From Wikimedia Commons

Deciphering the legend:
On the map above, the dark blue shaded areas are the German Reich;
the red shaded areas are the Allied countries;
the green shaded areas are the Soviet Union; and
white are the neutral countries.

Hitler’s War Against International Jewry

Nazi estimates of Europe's Jews

Nazi estimates of Europe's Jews

Hitler was not going to halt the German Wermacht until the entire map (above) was shaded dark blue. His war against the Jews[1] knew no limits, geographic or moral. It was rooted in an insatiable appetite for dominance, destruction and mass murder, and an ideology of hate.  At the Wannsee Conference, it was made clear that the Nazi goal was to eliminate European Jewry. Pictured on the right is the list compiled for the conference of the numbers of Jews by country. This is why Hitler needed to conquer all of Europe, and beyond that, Russia and the Middle East. His ultimate goal was world domination and the extermination of international Jewry[2]. Thankfully he was repelled in France and western Russia and ultimately defeated.

In a future post, we’ll take a closer look at The Final Solution, the Wannsee Conference and commencement of Aktion Reinhard. For now, we’ll leave you with a taste of what’s to come…

The Final Solution began with ideological obsessions that Hitler, Himmler, and numerous other leading Nazis shared. The evidence presented here indicates that Hitler’s prewar verbal threats against Jews were accompanied by a general SS strategy…The idea of killing Jews was on the SS agenda from at least late 1938 on.[3] 

[1] Lucy S. Dawidowicz writes, “On January 30, 1939, Hitler made his declaration of war against the Jews, promising ‘the destruction of the Jewish race in Europe'” (The War Against the Jews 1933-1945, 1oth ed., Bantom Books, New York, 1986, ISBN 055334532X, p. 161). Dawidowicz concludes that “through a maze of time Hitler’s decision of November 1918 led to Operation Barbarossa. There never had been any ideological deviation or wavering determination. In the end only the question of opportunity mattered” (p. 163).

[2] “[Hitler] began to see the Jews primarily as an international group whose destruction demanded an international policy” (Dawidowicz, p. 155). Furthermore, “the destruction of the Jews was at [the] center” of Hitler’s long-range plans based upon his insane ideology (p. 158).

[3] The Architect of Genocide: Himmler and the Final Solution by Richard Breitman, Alfred A. Knopf Inc., New York, 1991 ISBN 0394568419 (“Epilogue: Himmler in Retrospect”)


4 Responses to “Hitler’s War Against International Jewry”

  1. It’s unfathomable the hatred that one person could have for one group of people. It’s also scary to see how easily the Germans were swayed by Hitler.

  2. it is unfathomable…well put, fred

  3. Yes, well put Fred. The title “Never Again” makes me wonder. Will somehing like be possible again. I understand there is hatred out there on this level, but, is it possible for someone like Hitler to gain so much control again?

  4. Just remembered (thanks to This Day in Jewish History):
    The Soviet Union invaded Poland on this day in 1939. The invasion was part of the terms of the German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact that made it possible for the Germans to invade Poland. The Nazis traded half of Poland to ensure that the Germans would have a free hand in fighting the British and the French without having to worry about fighting the Soviets at the same time.

    The problem for eastern Polish Jews is that the German Luftwaffe had already bombed many of these areas before the Russians came in. For example, the poor people in Bransk were bombed excessively–the whole Jewish quarter decimated–by the Germans just prior to Russian occupation. Talk about a double whammy!

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