This day in Holland 1944

Map of Holland's Camps

Map of Holland's Camps

5 Sept 1944: False rumors of imminent liberation in Holland cause Dutch Nazis to flee. The day becomes known as Dolle Dinsdag, or “Mad Tuesday” (Credit, The Holocaust Chronicle). The SS closes the concentration camp at Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. (Credit, This Day in Jewish History) This camp was also known as The Vught Transit Camp. With the exception of two transports which were directed to Auschwitz, all transports from Vught were routed via Westerbork. The first of these transports to Westerbork had left at the end of January 1943, shortly after the transit camp at Vught had been established. The camp’s population peaked in May 1943 but steadily declined until 3 June 1944, when the camp was liquidated. The last group to be transported from Vught, on 3 June 1944, was made up of 517 Philips‘ employees, the company having failed to save them, but even in Auschwitz this group received preferential treatment, being employed by Telefunken under an agreement made between Telefunken and Philips. Nonetheless, most of the men in this party perished. 160 of the group survived; two-thirds were women and 9 were children (Credit, Aktion Reinhard Camps).

More links of interest:

“Slime and abominable crime” an April 1945 radio report from Canadian Broadcasting Co. reporter in Holland

Picture of a portable furnace used at Hertogenbosch from LIFE Magazine photo collection

Map of the Vaught Camp at Hertogenbosch.

Transcript from Nuremberg Trial, portion where Hertogenbosch camp is discussed


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  1. Katherine Key Says:

    Was reading “The Hiding Place” by Corrie tin Boom. Decided to try to look for info on Vught Camp. This post is very informational regarding what I had just read. Thank you.

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